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The Gift Your Kids Will Love

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A Live Phone Call from Santa

Talk to Santa Claus this Christmas! About Santa Phone

We Make Christmas Special!

Now In Our 15th Season!  Santa Phone's unique service has served more than 3000 calls since 1998. Each year, hundreds of happy children are thrilled by the experience of talking live with Santa on the phone. Ideal for children 10 years of age or younger, Santa Phone provides a once in a lifetime experience that makes the holiday season extra special.


When you order online through our Secure Server, you provide Santa Phone with some basic information about your children.

  • First Names and Birthdays!
  • A Favorite Toy from last Christmas!
  • A Gift you intend to give this Christmas!
  • And of course, if they have been Naughty or Nice!
You'll also let us know what day and time you would like to have Santa call, giving you plenty of time to plan ahead. Each call is completely customized based on the information you provide in our online ordering system. This process allows us to provide the illusion that Santa "knows if you've been bad or good", making the experience unique to every child.

On the day and time you specify in your order, Santa will call with his special message of Holiday Cheer. As he talks with your child, he will ask if they enjoyed "the Bicycle they found under the tree last year", if they like their teacher "Mrs. Wilson", how "Fluffy the Cat" is doing. Of course, Santa will ask if they've been a good little boy or girl this year, and He'll Already Know The Answer!

Your Children Will Believe They Are Talking To SANTA!

We have Limited Call Times so

First, you will receive a call from one of Santa's Elves, about 15 to 30 minutes before Santa calls. This allows us to confirm that you are at home, ready to Talk Live with Santa Claus. This also gives you a chance to let your children know that Santa is about to call and that they should get ready to speak with him.

When Santa calls, he will greet each of the children by name, and speak with them about the coming holiday season. Using the information you provide with your order, Santa will ask if your child liked the "big present" they received last Christmas. He will also ask if they have been "naughty or nice", and "look-up" the correct answer, that you provide with your order. The call will end with Santa wishing your children a very Merry Christmas, and a Joyful New Year!

  • Be specific on your order form. For example, if your child received a Red Schwin Bicycle last year, please include that information on your order form for both Calls and Podcasts. The Live Santa will ask if your child likes riding the Red Schwin Bicycle he left under the tree last year!
  • Prepare for Santa's call. After Santa's Elves make their confirmation call, tell your children something like, "I just received a call from the North Pole... they said that Santa is going to call you!" Tell them to expect a call from Santa, and that they should get ready!
  • Encourage your children to ask questions. For example, encourage them to ask where Santa lives, what the weather is like, how the reindeer are doing, and so forth. Santa will answer with answers you may expect, and perhaps even a suprise or two!
  • Use a Good Quality Phone. In fact, Santa Phone encourages you to use a Speaker Phone, allowing the whole family to participate with the call.
  • Video Tape the Call. We also suggest video taping your children as they speak with Santa, so you can treasure the memories of your call for years to come.

All of Santa's calls will contain general conversations about Christmas. They will also reflect the personal information you provide with your order, so fill out each form completely. Santa's calls and podcasts will contain the basic message of Holiday Cheer, Peace, Happiness, Joy and Love.

Conversations with Santa will not include any denominational, theological or religious subjects. Nor will there be any discussions of any other subjects, other than the legend of Santa Claus, and the celebration of the Christmas holiday through that legend.

We have Limited Call Times so

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