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Talk to Santa Claus this Christmas! Dear Santa Phone,

     Wow!!! I am sooooo glad I did not cancel this!!! It was fabulous!!! You've made our daughter so happy!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!! I will recommend this to everybody!!!!!

Jill L., Long Island, NY

Dear Santa Phone,

     Thank you so much for your call. My 9 year old, Kyle, was told at school that you did not exist but after speaking to you, he says he believes. My younger son, Hunter, also loved talking to you. Thank you so much for the memories and have a very Merry Christmas!

Jessica C., Rainsville, AL

Dear Santa Phone,

     As with last year's call the Santa call was excellent! The man you use was the same as last year and he has it down :-)! He is so kind and funny with the children and very aware of their feelings. He is a joy to listen to, bringing forth tears and laughter, the perfect mix. Please thank him and if you have an address, the kids, immediately after the call wrote letters that I would like to send forth.

Lorna S., Novato, CA

Dear Santa Phone,

Talk to Santa Claus this Christmas!      You are simply amazing! When we received your call, we were suprised at how warm and friendly Santa was. My 4 year old grandson was so excited, he didn't know what to say to Santa! He was astonished, that Santa knew he didn't like to share his toys with his older sister. He promised Santa he would be better this year, and gave his sister a big hug!

     It was such a warm and heart felt experience, even Grandpa had mist in his eyes. I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I am so impressed, I plan on telling all of my friends about Santa Phone!

Mary R., Downers Grove, IL

Dear Santa Phone,

     I wanted to express my gratitude for such a marvelous service. When Santa called my home, my kids went into a state of shock. My 8 year old daughter had always been a bit skeptical of Santa. But she was convinced that she was actually speaking with Santa, when he asked her if she liked the "doll house he left under the tree" last Christmas. It's all my kids have talked about since he called. It's made Christmas extra special for them this year! Thank you very much!

Maria W., St. Charles, MO

Dear Santa Phone,

     My 9 year old son broke his leg in 3 places playing football, and has been bed-bound for the last couple of months. When his brothers and sisters went to see Santa at the Mall, he got very upset that he could not go. His brothers teased him, telling him that Santa didn't love him anymore.

     When he received his call from Santa, his face beamed with joy. He was very excited to speak with Santa, and was suprised that Santa knew about his broken leg. It was a very special moment for my son, and I could tell that speaking with Santa made him very happy. He even began teasing his brothers and sisters, telling them that Santa loved him all along.

     You have an excellent service, and I want to thank you for bringing so much joy to my son.

Steve F., Bethesda, MD


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