We Make Christmas Special!

Talk to Santa Claus this Christmas! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Santa Phone provides all of our customers with professional, courteous service. From the time you place your order, until you're finished with Santa's call, you and your children will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Santa Phone guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with our service, and will gladly refund your money if you are not happy with your call.

We want to provide your children with a positive, wholesome experience with Santa, that they will treasure for the entire year. We welcome questions and comments from the visitors of this site, and we encourage you to contact Santa Phone with your questions at support@santaphone.com.

  • Do you accept payment other than through your web site?  No, all orders must be placed through our Online System. This allows us to accept your Credit Card information through PayPal, our secure transaction processor. In addition to collecting information vital to making your call, this also helps to coordinate our Call Schedule to avoid overbooking.
  • Do you serve other countries outside the US and Canada?  We now provide Santa Calls to residents of the United States and Canada. All calls are available in English Only.
  • What if we schedule a call, and can't be there at that time?  No problem, just send us e-mail to support@santaphone.com, with a new date and time. We do require at least 24 hours notice to make any changes to your order. We want to make you happy, but if for some reason we cannot work out a suitable time to reschedule, we will give you a full refund. (See more info about Christmas Eve calls below).
  • What information do you take when we order?  Our Transaction Form is used to accept payment information. Our Information Form is used to accept general information about your children. All information received by Santa Phone is kept in strictest confidence. Aside from a record of your transaction, all information will be discarded after the holiday season.
  • Why do you need so much detailed information?  Santa Phone strives to make this event a very special time in your child's life. We also want to maintain the illusion that your children are speaking with Santa Claus. After all, Santa "knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!" In our efforts to be as authentic as possible, we need to know a few details, in order to maintain this legend.
  • How Long is Santa's Call?  Each Santa Call will last from 8 to 10 minutes and can accomodate up to 2 children. Enhanced calls will be aproximately 16 to 20 minutes in length and can accomodate up to 4 children. If you have a larger family or require additional services, please contact us at support@santaphone.com, and we'll be happy to make arrangements.
  • What will Santa talk about?  Santa will talk about the Holiday Season, using the information you provide with your order. Conversations will contain positive, non-denominational messages, consistant with the Santa legend. Specific Naughty or Nice events will always be discussed in a positive manner. For example, if your child takes toys away from siblings or friends, Santa would say something like, "Now Billy, you should share your toys with your sister! Be a good boy and promise Santa that you'll be more sharing next year!" Santa would also say something like, "I spoke with your teacher, Mrs. Applebee, and she tells me you got an A on your math test last month. Santa's very proud of you!" In general, we want this to be a very positive and magical experience for your children, and we need your help to make it all work!
  • I have 3 children. There is only space on your form for 2 children. What do I do?  A basic Santa Call can accommodate up to 2 children. This is to allow plenty of time for Santa to interact with each child. After thousands of calls, we have discovered that trying to crowd more too many children onto a brief call just isn't enough time for each child. Families with more that 2 children are asked to order our Enhanced Call to accommodate up to 4 children. We provide additional form space is provided for our Enhanced Call customers.
  • Why is there a premium for Christmas Eve calls?  It's Santa's Busiest Day of the Year! Between harnessing the Reindeer and packing up his Sleigh, Santa needs extra help on Christmas Eve.  In all seriousness, this is to defray additional costs to meet the demands of our customers. Most of our calls are made on Christmas Eve, and Santa Phone wants to be there for as many families as we can. We still have limits on our capacity for Christmas Eve, so be sure to Order Early before all our slots are filled.
  • What if we miss Santa's Call?  One of "Santa's Elves" will call the number you provide about 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled time. If we do not reach anyone at your home, we will leave the message... "This is one of Santa's Helpers... Santa will be calling you this evening." Because we process our call schedule well in advance, Santa will proceed to call you at the time you selected. If no one answers when Santa calls, he will leave a general message of Christmas to the entire family. We will try to have Santa place the call again that evening if time permits.
  • How do I reschedule a call?  For starters, please make every effort to be home on the day and time you specify on your order form to receive your call. We will make every effort for Santa to call you within the time range you ask for. If you received a message from Santa and would like to reschedule the call for another day and time, send an e-mail to support@santaphone.com. There is a $5.95 rescheduling fee if you are not home and Santa leaves a message, and you will receive instructions by e-mail on how to reschedule your call. Due to our scheduling system, we cannot handle reschedule requests until the next day.
  • What if we schedule a call for Christmas Eve, and can't be there at that time?  Again, just send us e-mail to support@santaphone.com, as quickly as possible. We require 72 hours notice to reschedule Christmas Eve calls to an earlier call date and time.
  • What if we miss a Christmas Eve call?  Our Christmas Eve calls are scheduled as soon as our available call times are filled, many of which are handled personally by the owner of SantaPhone.com. In fact, most of our Christmas Eve call times are completely filled well in advance. If you schedule a Christmas Eve call, be sure that you are there to receive it, as it is nearly impossible for us to make up a missed Christmas Eve call.
  • I have ordered before. Why is Santa sometimes late?  Please allow 20 to 40 minutes leeway in our call times. Sometimes, we extend our calls beyond our call capacity. Please allow Santa some time to catch up on his calls. One of Santa's Helpers will call during your scheduled time to confirm that Santa will be calling, and give you an approximate time to expect his call. However, circumstances do arise that may delay your scheduled call, so we ask that you be prepared for Santa to call a few minutes later than scheduled. Our best advice, is to order the earliest call time available on the day you would like Santa to call. And remember, if for any reason Santa fails to complete a phone call, a full refund shall be provided, regardless of the date you have scheduled a call..